Community News

0.9.1rc7 is OUT! 22 September 2015

Fast and Reliable

No less than 6 different services running on one CGRateS installation. Any of them can be replicated on different number of hosts. Load balancer/failover component included. Using most modern programing concepts like multiprocessor support, asynchronous code execution within microthreads and in-memory databases.

Prepaid and Postpaid

Postpaid handled as prepaid with negative balance allowed, therefore all calls are realtime monitored. Each account supports Concurrent Sessions, Multiple Balances of different types (eg: Monetary, SMS, Internet Traffic), Minutes per Destinations, Volume Discounts, Volume Rates, Inbound Traffic Bonuses, Outbound Destination Bonuses. Thanks to the built-in Scheduler we got Recurrent Topups and Recurrent Debits with a minimum of fuss.

Rating and Mediation

High accuracy Rating, milliseconds timestamps and 4 decimals currencies. The system is Multitenant, useful for creating Resellers or Distributors. Advanced rating concepts like Unlimited Type of Records, Rating Subjects Concatenation for simultaneous fields rating, Unlimited Timestamps on durations, Recurrent Rates (per month, days of month, days of week) are already implemented. Multiple mediation processes can be ran on the same CDR, each rating it's own set of fields.

OpenSource with Strong Community

Our community is very valuable to us. Users from different cultures and timezones are permanentely testing and enhancing CGRateS software helping us to obtain a mature and competitive end-product with hard-to-match features and performance.